Patient Spotlights: Nick (Arthritis, Pain Relief, Migraine Relief, Energy)

Patient Spotlights: Chef Dave (Shoulder Pain, Pain Relief, Work Performance, Chronic Pain, Healing)

Patient Spotlights: Katie & EJ (Pediatric and Weight Loss)

I’ve been an athlete, served our country, worked in law enforcement for 16 years, still ride sportbike motorcycles at 55 years old. No one ever stressed the importance of spinal care to me. From the moment I went with my wife to her appointment, I was hooked.

Early on in life, mid 30’s to 40’s, I knew that I had lower back issues but now here I am addressing them along with some neck issues. Dr. Dean DePice and staff are GREAT PEOPLE. They are more THAN just staff, chiropractors & doctors; they are TEACHERS. I’m glad to be associated with my new family.

Kevin M.

I began seeing Dr. Dean for neck pain and he has been able to help me tremendously. The entire TLC team is very friendly and makes me feel welcome each time I am there. I would recommend TLC to anyone that that is looking for chiropractic care.

A Lev

The facility is spotless, the personnel are friendly yet efficient, and it is easy to relax as I place myself into the hands of these very capable professionals.

Naomi T.

Very effective at solving my pain issues. A comfortable atmosphere, and knowledgeable about all aspects of pain management. Solved computer desk neck and back pain I had for years.

Elvina H.

TLC Chiropractic is great. I have been going to Dr Dean for adjustments for 20 years. I no longer get migraine headaches, plus all my other ailments. The women who work here are always friendly and welcoming with a smile.

Gail D.

Dr. Dean and his staff are inspiring people who truly cares about everyone they interact with.

Samuel H.

Great doctors!

Mike A.

I am an older person who has suffered with neck/disc and back/disc disorders for many years.
Dr. DePice has greatly improved my conditions and instructed me how to exercise for specific problems and has changed my attitude for overall health. The other professionals who work there
are kind, knowledgeable and friendly. This is an establishment where ones needs can be met.

Debora S.

The Doctors here are superb! I always feel cared for and they are incredibly thorough. If you are looking for great customer service and a caring facility, look no farther!

Sarah C.

I look forward to my visits to Dr DePice
When I leave any aches I had when I arrived are no longer with me.
It is a great feeling to know how much better I will feel even before I go. Such an incentive to continue.

Veronica S.

The team at TLC are passionate, professional and extremely informative. If you’re looking to take steps in improving body, mind and soul you definitely want to check them out.

Nicci D.