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TLC Chiropractic Offers Help for Neck Pain

Chiropractic care is uniquely suited for treating neck pain. An academic study of chiropractic wellness care found that 90 percent of neck pain patients experienced improvement in six weeks or fewer. Your chiropractor at TLC Chiropractic in Willow Grove, PA has the skills and experience to treat neck pain at its source, without surgery, and without drugs.


Neck pain often follows an insidious course.

Neck pain is the kind of health problem that can sneak up on you. The injuries that result in neck pain don't affect tendons or ligaments, because the muscles in your neck don't have tendons or ligaments. Neck muscles are attached directly to the cervical spine. When you injure your neck muscles, say, in a sports injury or in an auto accident, they don't become swollen or inflamed right away. They may take a few days or even a few weeks to cause problems.

But as your neck muscles start to heal, they start to swell, and the pull on the bones in your cervical spine and the spine pulls back on your neck muscles and their attachments. You can have a neck injury, for example, in an auto accident, and weeks later you start having neck pain, jaw pain, eye problems or lose your voice. Misalignment of your cervical spine can interfere with breathing, your posture, and how you feel when you are on your phone. 

It's important to see your doctor right away when you have a neck injury. See your chiropractor before the pain starts. Your Willow Grove chiropractor can guide you back into health and wellness even if you delay treatment, but it's a lot easier to take care of neck problems sooner rather than later.

Chiropractic neck treatment has some surprising, beneficial side effects.

When you come down with a cold or you are congested because of allergies, chances are the first thing you think to do isn't to make an appointment with your chiropractor. It turns out, however, that more than just occasionally people come in to get treatment for a neck injury and leave the chiropractic office not just with reduced neck pain but also with reduced upper respiratory symptoms.

You have probably heard of the Eustachian tube. It's a drainage canal from your ears down to your throat. When it's inflamed you have congestion and pain. But when your chiropractor gets your neck back into alignment, a beneficial side effect is that pressure is taken off your Eustachian tube. You drain better, and you have less pain and congestion, along with less neck pain due to improved spinal alignment.

For whiplash, sports injury, or any other neck injury, see your chiropractors in Willow Grove

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