Dr. Dean DePice

Dr. Dean DePiceDr. Dean is a practicing chiropractor since 1987. His educational background of having majored in chemistry and biology combined with his lifelong experience and knowledge of chiropractic, positions him to be a doctor who pursues knowledge with a balanced focus on the practical application of science and philosophy upon patient outcomes.

His track record of unparalleled results lies in his consistent execution of delivering an ideal balance in personal and procedural development, and integration of science and philosophy into practical patient experiences.

Dr. Dean excels at understanding and inspiring patients and doctors alike with a clear approach to combining science and philosophy in practice to optimize both the patients’ and doctors’ outcomes.

Dr. Brett Cardonick

Dr. Brett CardonickDr. Brett has ceaselessly serving the community of Germantown, Philadelphia for 27 years. He has two beautiful daughters and he was born and raised here in Montgomery County. His parents were even born in this facility!

After acquiring his Undergraduate Degree in Pre-Med at the University of Delaware and Muhlenburg College, he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College. And he has been training with our TLC Coaching community for chiropractors (our sister organization) since its inception 20 years ago.

Drs. Cardonick and DePice look forward to spending the entirety of their lives serving you, our community and the healthcare needs of our entire zip code.

Susan Lucas

Susan LucasSue lives and breathes chiropractic. As Technical Chiropractic Assistant, she deftly coordinates the day-to-day flow of our practice logistics. She has been and remains a crucial member of our practice family since we first opened our doors.

Regina Pagano

Regina PaganoAs Financial Chiropractic Assistant, Regina crunches all of our numbers, ensuring that our practice family operates as ethically and sustainably as possible. She has been and remains an iridescent facet in the diamond that is our office.

Becky Stauffer

Becky StaufferAs Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant, Becky beams joyfully up at you when you walk in the door. Her encouraging presence and detail – orientation have made and continue to make her a vital member of our practice family.